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1. responsible for the development and follow-up of project progress and plans, technical communication with customers, and ensuring the coordination of customer issues.
2. responsible for task review and execution summary of U.S. projects; supervise and check the organization and filing of project information.
3. responsible for U.S. project schedule, risk control, resource scheduling, early warning and backup contingency plans.
4. Receiving and managing customer needs, analyzing and judging according to the importance of the customer and the actual situation of different needs, and providing feedback and tracking to solve the customer's needs in conjunction with the company's internal resources.
5. management and coordination of external customer resources and internal resources of the company to ensure the smooth execution of the project as planned.
6. To make regular and timely reports on the progress of the project, milestones, and completion of key milestone tasks. 
7. communicate in a timely manner on problems that have arisen and potential problems within the project, organize relevant personnel to solve and deal with them, propose alternative solutions, and track the implementation.
8. preside over the end of the project summary, including: project overview, summary of the project objectives achieved, project implementation process review, analysis, summary of project issues and lessons learned.
9. Collect voice of the customer (VOC), continuously standardize and improve project management and enhance customer service.


1.Mechanical, electrical, automation majors, bachelor degree (or above).
2.More than three years of project management experience, with AGV project management experience is preferred.
3.proficient in business requirement analysis and software planning and design, familiar with logistics, supply chain and other fields.
4. passion for work, good communication skills and teamwork spirit, and strong resistance to pressure.
5. familiar with the tools of project management, strong technical skills and background preferred.
6. PMP, CSM, CSP certification is preferred;
7.Chinese can be used as working language, with good English communication skills and ability to deal with things, and can adapt to long-term travel.

The U.S. office is in Atlanta and the European office is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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